Rendered Keepsakes

When hiring an architect to design a custom home or to renovate an existing one, it is important that the homeowner understand the designer’s tangible vision. At Meyer & Meyer, Inc. technology contributes significantly to the ability to “see what will be built.”

However, computer aided drawing (CAD) doesn’t allow for a creative progression which lends itself to seeing beyond straight unadorned lines. Our drawings, elevations and details are complemented by John Meyer’s artistic hand-drawn renderings. These images show in exquisite detail, multiple views of exterior and interior design options.

These renderings are a significant tool used in a collaborative process whereby the client is given a clear understanding of every architectural feature. All design details proposed are studied and discussed with owners on an interactive level. The renderings imbue an emotional attachment to the project being drawn — an attachment experienced by both the architect and the client watching as the design of their home unfolds. Once approved by the client, they see how their choices shape each scene prior to commencement of construction; there are no surprises.

These artistic, hand-drawn renderings later become timeless keepsakes.