Meyer & Meyer’s Philosophy is to maximize the three main components of a house design:

The owner’s values and aesthetic tastes
The site’s natural assets
The architect’s design skill

We invest all the time necessary to understand our client’s goals, desires, and program requirements. This information is organized into project goals to be used for evaluating various options, in our search for the final design.

The site is completely photographed from all angles with emphasis on key vantage points. Various exterior designs, based on owner-provided examples are drawn into photographs of existing conditions in conjunction with existing photographs. As the owner identifies their preferences, Meyer & Meyer provides detailed images and models of all views for review and complete understanding.

Meyer & Meyer draws all rooms from key angles and redraws them as necessary for owner satisfaction. We produce complete construction documents and detailed cost estimations. But most importantly, we blend all parts of the new home into a flowing and coordinated work of architecture. We are extremely careful as we assist in the selection of the best contractor. Throughout the entire construction process, Meyer & Meyer serves as owner-representatives and protects the design, the budget, and the owner’s peace of mind.

Coordinated designs that maximize the site’s potential and the owner’s aesthetic preferences enable the owner to see the final design clearly in all of its aspects long before construction begins. We are loyal team members with the owner and contractor from first sketches to final move-in.

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