Meyer & Meyer sets the design of a commercial property in its most valuable form first, and, only then makes that most practical building into an unusually handsome piece of architecture.

We expend tremendous effort up front with our key consultants to make sure we have the least costly and most commercially beneficial structural system and mechanical layout guidelines for these basic components are set as ‘fundamental’ to the profitability of the project and are not compromised.

Because Meyer & Meyer produces complete cost estimates for each project, we know that, for instance, 35% of a commercial office buildings construction cost is attributed to its exterior envelope. We therefore choose to keep our commercial building’s shapes simple and compact so that we can use a higher quality of masonry, hardware and finishes.  This creates a competitive edge in that our commercial projects are perceived as more expensively constructed by the competition.

Our charge for commercial design is simple: Take the most practical package and design it to an unusual quality. We are confident that we can make a very beautiful building from a very simple plan and set of construction components. We offer this hardheaded approach to commercial clients as we see their economic success as our most important goal for this type of architecture

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