Institutional buildings are built for a larger and more permanent community than privately owned structures. Providing an essential function for the community, these buildings are visual symbols of permanence and stability.

Architecturally, these structures need not be throwbacks to earlier styles, but they must respect and blend into adjacent institutional buildings and respect the personality of their community. They must be sited and fitted to maximize the entire institutional setting if and when other civic structures are part of one civic center.

Building systems and layouts must be easily adaptive to future changes, new functions and new technologies because many generations of adaptability will be required.

Physically, they must be built to a different standard of permanence. Their materials and detailing must be as timeless and indestructible as possible.

We design institutional buildings for the long run. Visually, they are prominent in their siting, and compatible with neighboring buildings. Physically, they are built of permanent materials and detailed to hold themselves together forever.

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