Marlborough Street Penthouse Renovation


The building was originally designed by Cabot and Chandler Architects and constructed in 1880 by Weston & Shepard and B.D. Whitcomb Builders for Henry Lee Jr making it one of Marlborough Street’s original stunning facades. 135 stood out as an architectural gem with magnificent brick detailing especially at the upper gable making that it’s most prominent feature. A major renovation was approved around 1940 and its impact dramatically changed the appearance of 135’s main façade to the detriment of Marlborough Street including the removal of the upper gable and portions of the roof, to expand the habitable footprints of the upper floors. Highly crafted artistic detailing was replaced with a non-matching colored brick, in a running bond pattern creating a large generic vertical brick wall above, at the penthouse balcony.

Meyer and Meyer Architects are working to remove a large portion of the none original work from the 1940’s addition and replacing it with new highly crafted detailing in order to reintroduce elements of Cabot and Chandler back to the upper levels of the building referencing their other past wok in the area.