Constructed in 1870 this single-family home displays the excellence of Second Empire French style

The project charge was to reimagine the entry vestibule of this Back Bay icon while repairing and cleaning aged brick and limestone. The structural pinning of the vestibule was failing causing the entryway to lean outward.

The original wooden doors were replaced with custom designed bronze doors with a grille pattern inspired by Louis XVI patterns. An oversized specialty glass, facing the inner vestibule was selected for thermal benefits. Each door stands 9 feet within the original limestone framing.

The rounded window was remastered in a bronze diamond pattern and circular border. The limestone detailing around the window was newly carved with corner floral motifs and stepped rings replaced the original ornamental frame.

The bigger modification occurred at the concave brick walls flanking the entry. Opening the existing brick walls to add new windows allowed more natural light to fill the vestibule. Unique to the diamond pattern is that each piece of glass matching into the bronze grill is slightly curved. The artistry of fitting the casting to the glass was remarkable. The windows were framed in limestone with bordered detailing similar to the front door and sits naturally on the limestone belt course.